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Goodbye, Cheney - not goodbye, inflation
Michael Reagan

The best news of the week for all Americans is that Liz Cheney lost.

Big time.

Her crushing demise in Wyoming’s Republican primary shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone – and she deserved it.

Congresswoman Cheney – despite voting with the Trump administration more than 90 percent of the time – had come down with a politically fatal case of the “I Hate Trump Syndrome.”

After she sold her soul to the Democrats running the House’s Jan. 6 show trial, the liberal media – who not-so-secretly probably hated her father more than they hated Saddam Hussein – had turned her into their favorite Republican.

Cheney was so honored, she apparently really started believing what they’ve been saying on MSNBC and CNN about her great moral courage in the defense of our democracy.

After she was rejected by the conservative Republicans of her very red state, she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and hinted about running for president in 2024. Seriously.

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration is taking victory laps around the U.S. over the passage of its fraudulent Inflation Reduction Act, the country doesn’t care about our current president.

Everyone in the media is still talking about Donald Trump and the ramifications of the FBI’s unprecedented and unjustified raid on his home, aka “The Fishing Expedition at Mar-a-Lago.”

This latest abuse of federal power by the Democrats in their never-ending war to destroy Trump’s future is another free topic for the news-and-opinion manufacturers in the liberal media industrial complex.

The facts are thin and the official charges against Trump are still unspecified and probably unjustified. Sound familiar?

But so what? The actual facts are always irrelevant to the anti-Trump media. The FBI raid was automatically justified – because its target was Donald Trump.

Turn on CNN and MSNBC and their pundits and the gang of partisan former FBI and CIA hacks they’ve hired are already virtually saying Trump should be executed for treason – or at least banned from ever running for office again.

Then there’s Joe Biden’s “historic” legislation to end inflation, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

“Isn’t it great?” so many people said. “No more inflation! The Democrats just passed a law to end inflation! God bless Joe Manchin!”

Really? What is it in the bill that makes anyone but Biden’s White House economists think it will actually reduce inflation – which has been caused by irresponsible federal fiscal and monetary policies?

The defenders of the bill claim with a straight face it will spend $800 billion the federal government doesn’t have to reduce the deficit $300 billion.

Sounds like Democrat Math 101 to me.

The Inflation Reduction Act is such a fraud that even the liberal media have had to admit it is not going to reduce inflation.

The media have decided that, despite its deliberately misleading title, it is really a climate change, health care and tax bill.

It’s a downsized, Manchin-approved “Build Back Better” bill stuffed with billions of subsidies for green companies, climate-change boondoggles and rich people who can afford to buy electric cars or rooftop solar panels.

Plus, it will fund the hiring of 85,000 new IRS agents, with gun training, to crack down on the country’s 721 billionaires, and it pushes the lie that families earning less than $400,000 a year will pay no new taxes.

Someday all Americans are going to realize that whenever Democrats want to slip an expensive and harmful federal bill past the American people, they just give it a nice sounding name like the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Democrats never speak the truth about the big laws they pass – which is “Stick with us. We only want to raise your taxes, grow the government and limit your freedoms.”

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.