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Grateful for kindness extended
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Dear editor,

I need to extend my sincere gratitude the staff of the Dillons store on 10th street. Earlier this week my wife and I were doing some grocery shopping when I grew tired and felt ill. Upon noticing that I wasn’t feeling well a store associate, Courtney Thorne, immediately offered to bring me a motorized cart and did so promptly. In that time my condition worsened and the assistant store manager Seth Roskins came to my aid. Soon he was joined by the store pharmacist Ben Henning. Each employee treated me with the utmost concern, kindness and the best help they possibly could, ultimately calling an ambulance for help. As I was being cared for by the paramedics, assistant manager, Mr. Roskins, took my wife to help her check out with our groceries. He then took the groceries, loaded them in our car and brought the car to the front door so my wife could quickly and easily exit the store and assist me at the hospital. Thanks to their quick action and compassion and heartfelt kindness I received prompt medical attention helping me to recover quickly. I can’t express the peace and thankfulness I feel for their wonderful actions to keep me safe and help my wife. I’m so appreciative to these caring community members that were there in my time of need. 

Abram Goodwin

Great Bend