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Great Bend gas always costs more
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Dear editor,

For many years there has always been a question on the streets of Great Bend. Why are the gasoline prices in Great Bend always higher than neighboring communities? No one seems to have the answer and I have never heard a gasoline merchant give an explanation, se we accept the situation and carry on. This past weekend I made a short trip to northwest Arkansas. I noticed all fuel prices were cheaper than Great Bend. The ones I would like to compare are from Wichita to Great Bend.

Park City - $2.57.9

Hesston - $2.53.9

McPherson - $2.54.9

Lyons - $2.54.9

Ellinwood - $2.64.9

Great Bend - $2.75.9

You can obviously see the concern with the high price in Great Bend. I feel that the residents of Barton County and especially Great Bend would like for the media to take a look at this situation and see if there is a legitimate answer.

Buck Causey

Great Bend