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Hold TV, gaming accountable for society’s violence
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To the editor:

You know what I think might be the only thing that will have an effect against the violent shows, movies and video game industry that is having a negative effect on the minds of our young children?

Accountability! There are guidelines in place as to what ages can get access to these violent shows and games.

The TV and video game industry should be held financially accountable if it is determined that their movies or games had an effect on an individual who committed a violent act against others.

There needs to be more awareness by theatre owners if minors are being allowed to get into violent movies by buying tickets to a G-rated movie and then just walking by that movie and going to an adult rated movie. There are reasons for these ratings. It has been scientifically determined that young minds don’t register what they see in violent movies the same as adults. One area that doesn’t register the same is the understanding that people suffer when there is a violent act portrayed on film or in a game.

Store owners should be held accountable if they are caught selling adult rated video games to younger than appropriate aged children.

And last, but maybe most importantly, parents need to be more accountable for what their children watch and play. Think about it. We’ve believed a lie that says we should not tell our children what to watch and what to engage their time in.

Now this may be a strong statement, but if we don’t do something now to reverse violence in our media industry I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.

Jim Lee Hulsey