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It can happen again
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To the editor:

I am concerned that the motives of the Democratic party are misunderstood. 

I was fortunate to live in Europe for several years, where I become well acquainted with an older German who was a teenager in Hitler’s Germany and fought in the Second World War. We had many conversations about Hitler’s rise to power.

Weakened from a terrible economic depression, many Germans embraced a charismatic but mentally unbalanced leader who falsely promised prosperity while promoting national and racial superiority. Germans were lulled into a false sense of security, never imagining the horrors that lay ahead.

Like our Democratic party is promoting, Hitler slowly and systematically took over the school systems, indoctrinated the youth, controlled the media, socialized the economy, terrorized the country with violence similar to our self-proclaimed Marxists, BLM, and chipped away at the civil rights of the people. Weakened by the pandemic, we are particularly vulnerable to these identical movements occurring in America today.

I think the timing of the beginning of BLM and Antifa violence is interesting, coming right after the beginning of the pandemic and in an election year. I believe it was planned and primed, just waiting for the weakening of America and an event like the death of George Floyd. Perfect timing to cause the most panic and fear. 

It is not coincidental that all of the violence is happening in Democratic controlled cities. President Trump does not have the constitutional power to order in federal troops into any state without the governor’s request and approval. The Democrats will not make this request because they want to blame Trump for the violence. If the violence occurred in a Republican controlled city, the governor would make the request from the federal government and the riots would be quickly stopped.

Like my German friend emphasized, evil will prevail when good people do nothing. It is clear that tyranny is coming to America unless we stop it.

Please choose Democracy over socialism or communism in this very important upcoming election. 

Don McCullough