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Kobach's agenda will be more efficient for people of Kansas
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Dear editor,

I was reading John Sturn’s letter to the editor regarding Kris Kobach’s campaign for governor and he could not be further from the truth. 

If you look at Kris Kobach’s education agenda, he is for putting more money into classroom instruction. He wants to revisit how we spend money on education and put more of that money into teaching and learning, not in administration. His plan would spend 75 percent of every education dollar on classroom instruction. This will put more money into what educates our children.

Kris Kobach believes in the need to put more money back into the wallets of Kansans. He wants to return the Trump tax cut windfall to your wallet. He wants to cut taxes but also cut spending and make government more efficient. His lieutenant governor, Wink Hartman, will be our state’s chief operating officer and he’ll go into agencies and look for ways to make them more efficient and to cut out of state operations. Think about it, we’ll have a state government that will operate in a leaner and more effective way and every Kansan will have more money in their wallets. Sounds good to me. 

Looking at Kris Kobach’s record as secretary of state, I see a record where he has cut his own budget over the last eight years. He has secured our elections system, working to make sure that Kansas has the safest and more secure elections in the country. He also worked to increase voter turnout by moving local elections to November, when more people expect to vote.

Kris Kobach has a plan for Kansas that will move our state forward. That’s why I am voting for him and why I encourage others to join me.


Linda Borror