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Learn to laugh
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To the editor:

Probably now, more than ever in my lifetime, we need to regain our ability to laugh at ourselves.

Bob Hope was my all-time favorite entertainer. He loved to make political jokes and poked fun at every administration in the history of his long, unparalleled career. And, every administration he poked fun at laughed right along with him, as did most of the rest of America.

Bob was a remarkable man. He seemed to be laughing at himself as much as at anyone else, had incredible humility and his love and service to his country were unquestionable.

I can only imagine the fun he would have had, given some of the political inanities that have happened in just the last few months. The following events would have been hilarious material in the hands of a master like Bob.

The election of a mentally impaired president who immediately orders the unrestricted opening of our borders without testing for COVID-19, criminal background, political orientation, (such as radical Muslim, ISIS or Taliban, etc.) or anything else and pays these immigrates benefits that poor, natural Americans are not even eligible to receive.

The disappearance of Hunter Biden’s lap top, the corruption of the FBI and many members of congress; Andrew Cuomo getting an Emmy and BLM getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The mostly peaceful demonstrations” of the BLM and Antifa and the denunciation of books by Dr. Suess as racist. The termination of the images of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s rice; the emasculation of Mr. Potato Head punctuated by educational institutions teaching systemic racism, critical race theory and white supremacy.

He would have had a lot of laughs over the fact that the old Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” was banned from the media as sexist, while “WPA” was named the song of the year. 

Probably the ultimate in this litany of political comedies are, however, The Equality Act, and reparations to descendants of slaves. 

You can’t make this stuff up and Bob would have had a year’s worth of material from this one page of political comedies.

I wonder what The New York Times, Twitter, CNN, Facebook and other liberal media outlets would have done with Bob Hope. Would he have been censored or “fact checked?” Would America ever even have heard of Bob Hope or would he have been banned and become nothing more than an obscure performer who never made it to the big time? Very possibly.

Our society badly needs to lighten up and stop taking ourselves so seriously. We need to get off our high horse; to reign in our self-righteousness, arrogance, anger, hatred and divisiveness. We need to learn, once again, how to laugh at ourselves.

This administration and the many corrupt, un-American bureaucrats currently in Washington will not last forever and we must do everything we can do to see that they don’t. In the meantime, relax and learn to laugh. What goes around comes around and “This too will pass!”

Don McCullough