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Letters to the editor welcome
Reviewing the rules for election posts
The Barton County Courthouse will again be a voting location now that the remodeling is complete. The Great Bend Tribune reminds readers of the Public Forum rules during election season.

A few readers have stopped by the Great Bend Tribune in recent weeks to drop off letters to the editor for this page. We love to hear from you! We’d like to remind everyone that those letters need to be signed and include a phone number where we can reach you if we have a question.

Whether a letter is dropped off, mailed in or emailed, it should include a phone number and address. We only print the town you are from, not your full address and not your phone number, but we do want to be able to verify this is really your letter, written by you. This public forum is for our readers and is not intended as a dumping ground for anonymous rants or form letters that go to newspapers across the nation using multiple aliases.

• There are specific rules that apply at election time. Current candidates running for office may not submit letters to the editor. This includes letters regarding the election, gardening, or anything else. The primary election day is Aug. 6, but early voting may be available as early as July 17, so get those letters in early. The Thursday before the Tuesday election (Aug. 1 this time around) is the last day political letters will be published. Remember, Thursday’s paper is put together on Wednesday morning, so letters must be submitted by July 30.

We welcome submissions from all viewpoints. Here are the general guidelines for all letters:

• While name, address, email address and daytime phone number are required fields, only the author’s name and hometown will be published.

• Maximum length is 600 words.

• No profanity or offensive language is allowed.

• Private citizens or specific businesses may NOT be taken to task. We will review all submissions for possible libelous content.

• Public officials and public institutions are fair game, within reason.

• Authors may request a specific day for their submission to be printed, but there is no guarantee.

• Letters are published on a first-come-first-serve basis.

• While our rules are lenient, the Tribune reserves the right to refuse to publish any submission.

This isn’t the internet’s “social media.” Keep it civil; your name is on it.

For questions or more information, contact me at or by calling 620-792-1211, ext. 227.