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Abortion creates problems
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Dear Editor,
The option of abortion creates problems that should be addressed more often. In the US, over 140,000 women a year have immediate medical complications from abortion like hemorrhaging, infection, or continued pregnancy. Long-term effects include an increased risk of breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer.
Abortion increases the violence against pregnant women. The conversation between men and women about an abortion has often turned violent. When a woman rejects an abortion the man wants, the man will do what he can to insure that it happens. Women refusing to abort have been subjected to beatings, gunshots, and stabbings. Women are literally being beaten because of their refusal to abort. The leading cause of death for a pregnant woman is homicide.
Abortion allows society to abandon women. Our culture has come to depend upon abortion so that other people do not have to get involved. It frees both parties from the consequences of their actions. Abortion is often advertised as freedom of choice, but some women feel like they have no freedom and no choice when it comes down to it.
If a woman has had an abortion it does not make her any less of a person. ProLifers will not condemn her. We all make mistakes. She is just like the rest of us. She deserves forgiveness through God’s grace like the rest of us.
Colton Henning