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Alcohol sale decision was hasty and unfortunate
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 Dear editor,

I was disappointed Tuesday to read about our City Council’s quick action on the liquor stores’ request for extended hours (and eventually Sunday sales) without allowing for input from their constituents or law enforcement.  As mentioned in the report, this request was in response to the earlier hasty and unwise action of the County Commission, which not only granted permission for a liquor store to open just outside city limits (closer to the college), but granted Sunday sales as well, with no waiting time for input from anyone but the person requesting. That decision has  created a “domino effect” for alcohol availability in our community. 

Now, any effort to undo the  Council’s “Sunday sales” decision requires a petition drive to force a special election.  I wonder why it is never the other way -  those making the request having to petition to allow more liquor sales hours, and in this case, expanding Sunday sales to grocery, discount, and convenience stores. Why can’t decisions like these wait at least a week, to get input and ponder future consequences? As it stands, our City Council’s new ordinance (more hours, more places) has gone into effect immediately, and we can’t do anything about it!

Why does this matter?  It matters because more available alcohol (still the most abused drug) means more consumption.  More alcohol consumption makes our community less safe, makes more work for law enforcement, and adds stress and vulnerability to families already struggling with drug/alcohol issues.  We may wish “the rest of us won’t be affected”, but we all are.

It is too bad that our community has developed a culture where virtually no fundraiser, community celebration, or even professional baseball game can be expected to succeed without alcohol being involved.  So what are we teaching our children about how to have fun?

Why do we even bother to have drug resistant programs for school kids when by our examples, community and personal, we are teaching them that acting “adult” must include alcoholic beverages.  Real criteria for the definition of “adult” includes planning ahead and being able to delay gratification.  Is it just me, or does anyone else care about this?

Dee Anne Grummon

Great Bend