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Aldrich hunting should be open question
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Dear Editor,
I believe the Barton Community College Board of Trustees is moving too quickly on this decision. After reading “Bow hunting on target” in Friday’s Tribune, I wonder if this matter is already a “done deal?”
A few thoughts:
As a philosophical matter, there is a question of whether the provisions of the Aldrich Trust Estate initially in favor of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts would ever permit any kind of hunting on Barton college property.
If this is a correct assumption, out of respect for Mr. Aldrich, should bow hunting be allowed?
How much money is likely to be raised by bow hunting? Has any realistic/careful study been made of this? What is the cost to taxpayers to prepare any elevated stations for the hunters?
Shouldn’t these questions be carefully researched?
And would bow hunting reduce, or even prevent gifts and endowments to the college from those who are against bow hunting?
I am not opposed to hunting, and until recently was even a member of the National Rifle Association.
However, I do know that there is intense opposition to bow hunting by some who simply believe it is cruel.
What’s the hurry?
Why not a simple county-wide poll asking the college owners (county patrons) to give their opinion of bow hunting?
Recent information on Camp Aldrich also suggests the camp has been deteriorating for years.
If this is correct, has this been caused by neglect, and by whom?
It would be very easy and inexpensive for the board of trustees to conduct an informal countywide poll by scheduling four informal town meetings at night in: Hoisington, Ellinwood, Claflin, and Great Bend. This important issue could be discussed.
And perhaps the owners of the college (county patrons) could also ask other questions they might have about the college, and which elected officials are required by law to answer.
Are not such procedures encouraged, or even required by the college policy governance? Aren’t questions encouraged in the interest of achieving transparency, and keeping the public informed?
Glenn Opie,
Great Bend