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Americans for Prosperity did not misrepresent voting record
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Dear Editor,
The recent mailing from Americans For Prosperity did NOT misrepresent the voting record of Ruth Teichman in any way. HCR 5007 would have allowed Kansas voters the opportunity to vote to preserve their right to choose healthcare services and participate in health insurance plans. This legislation had over 60 sponsors in the Kansas house but failed to receive the required two-thirds majority in the liberal Kansas Senate. Ruth Teichman voted NAY on HCR 5007.
That was the information contained in the AFP Kansas mailing. No lies. No distortions. No misrepresentation.
In her letter to the editor attempting to slander AFP Kansas, Judy Johnson failed to inform you about Ruth Teichmans vote on HCR 5007. She did, however, manage to get one fact correct. Americans For Prosperity is a special interest group. Their very special interest is to protect Kansas taxpayers from liberals like Ruth Teichman who are “Republican In Name Only”. AFP Kansas is headquartered in Topeka not Washington DC as Ms. Johnson contends.
Both Mitch Holmes and Bill Wolf voted for HCR 5007. Both were sponsors of the Bill. Unlike Ms. Teichman, they believe Kansans should have the opportunity to vote on their healthcare freedom from Obamacare.
Jim Stevens
Great Bend