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Any breed of dog can be vicious
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Dear Editor,
I am writing to voice my opinion about the pit bull ban. I am a pit bull owner and I must say I am very upset about this ban. Not all pit bulls are bad/vicious. Our dog is a very loving dog. He’s more likely to lick you then bite a person. Any breed of dog can be vicious and attack anyone. It’s not fair to ban just pit bulls. My neighbor behind us has a lab and it has bitten a friend of mine that was mowing my yard and my friend was in my yard not theirs. It’s a shame that a certain breed of dog has to be targeted rather then bad owners who train their dogs to fight and attack. I hope that all of you can take my words to heart. I know other people that live here that have pit bulls that are just as loving as our pit bull. Thank you!
Cella Bessingpas
Great Bend