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Apathy isn't an option
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Dear Editor,
To Kansas voters:
Are you really pleased with Sen. Sam Brownback’s performance in Washington? Having tried to get the Republican nod to run for the White House, Sen. Brownback now wants us to believe that he is truly interested in what is best for Kansans. Hogwash! He sees the governorship of Kansas as a stepping stone to another run at the presidency, nothing more; and he figures that because of name recognition he has the governorship all tied up. Don’t be fooled into thinking he is anything other than a career politician who wants to continue his career, preferably in Washington. And the democrats? So far, they’ve shown just how much they really care about their constituents by shoving through a health care nightmare, trying to push through a cap and tax bill that will have a serious impact on Kansas, and ridiculing anyone who dares to question their policies and tactics. In Kansas, our democrat leadership refused to defend the right of Kansans to make their own health care decisions. There are other choices for Kansas governor, and I encourage you to get informed as to who the other candidates are and what they stand for.
Ken Cannon is running on the Reform Party ticket. He supports term limits for all politicians; a pay-as-you-go governmental system with a balanced budget required by the end of the political term; implementation of the fair tax (I suggest that all voters educate themselves on the fair tax also – it is not the same thing as a flat tax); the return of educational decisions to the state and local levels; clean coal energy, nuclear energy, and wind energy. In addition, he believes that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid should be financially solvent for a period of 50 years in advance with NO government borrowing from these funds. Mr. Cannon supports Kansas farmers, and believes that small business opportunities need to be promoted by providing incentives. His running mate is Dan Faubion.
Andrew Gray is the Libertarian candidate for governor, with Stacey Davis as his running mate. Mr. Gray’s platform is one of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty – the values of our founding fathers that are sorely lacking in the current administration of our state and federal government. He understands that there is no such thing as “government money” – it all comes from you and me, the taxpayers – and he is willing to make the hard decisions that are necessary to reduce the state’s deficit. He fully supports the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution (state sovereignty) as well as the fair tax.
Personally, I feel that both of these men deserve the voters’ serious consideration for governor of our state. If you are fed up with politics as usual, partisanship and the “good ole boy” system that we have now, then I urge you to get involved!! It is up to us, as individuals, to educate ourselves on the issues and the candidates and to make informed choices at the polls – not just in national elections, but in state and local elections as well. Our way of life, and the future of our children and grandchildren, are at stake – apathy and ignorance are not options.
Sharon McGinness,