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Barton County deserves better
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Dear Editor,
Several years ago I started a group here in Barton County that we called the Central Kansas 9.12 Coalition. This group no longer meets regularly but when we did our focus was typically on what was taking place in Washington D.C. or Topeka. It was believed by many in this group that government has become too big, has far too much influence over our daily lives and that politicians don’t listen to the people that elect them. I still believe these things.
We the people no longer have the luxury of voting for someone and then ignoring things until the next election rolls around. We must remain active. We must pay attention to what’s going on and not just in Washington D.C. or Topeka. We currently have a situation right here in Barton County that needs our attention.
The County Treasurer’s office is in chaos. The job is not being done and right now it does not appear as if anyone is willing to take responsibility for the situation or take the necessary steps to correct the problem. A recent article in the paper sought comment from the Treasurer and he was unavailable due to his being on vacation. In the middle of this mess. That has to change.
When recently asked to resign the Treasurer said he had considered it but wanted to get things straightened out first. I would like to suggest he do so now. The people of Barton County deserve better.
While I have met Mr. Wondra, and yes he seems like a nice man, that’s not reason enough to just stand by and do nothing. I’m not willing to ignore the principles that led to the formation of the 9.12 Coalition. This is why, if Mr. Wondra does not resign by August 15th I will start organizing a recall campaign to remove him from office.
If you are interested in assisting in this process please feel free to contact me at
Kyle Radenberg
Great Bend