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Bellendir is in touch with the people
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Dear Editor,
With all of these “Vote 4 Sheriff” signs out and about, I decided it was time for me to investigate the men behind the names and what they stood for. I began with our current sheriff. I went to our county website. There was no information about our Sheriff. I was confused as to why there would not even be a working email address. The lack of a means for a member of the public to contact the sheriff highlights how out of touch our current sheriff is with the citizens of our county.
I have been watching the campaigns and one sheriff candidate seems to stand out from the other two. Brian Bellendir has been out at all county events, festivals and parades handing out water and meeting and greeting the public. He has spent many of his off-duty hours walking door to door, meeting constituents face to face, and discovering the issues that are important to them. He seems to exude leadership and competence. I am positive that the relationships he has built during his campaign will form the foundation for open communication about problems and solutions between his sheriffs office and the tax payers of Barton County.
I encourage you to join me in supporting Brian Bellendir for sheriff. He says he will continue to listen to the concerns of the citizens of Barton County after he is elected and his campaign proves it.
Karla Biles
Great Bend