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Bethel is running for re-election
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Dear Editor,
You will not be nearly as surprised by this letter as I was by the headline “Bethell, Wolf won’t seek reelection” in the Great Bend Tribune on Sunday.
As Mark Twain said after his obituary was mistakenly published, he sent a cable from London stating “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
The headline that was printed is a gross misstatement. It puzzles me as to how that could have been the impression that was left with the reporter from the Tribune. We, the other three panelists and me, discussed the redistricting of the house and senate as well as the congressional districts. I mentioned that the 113th District was having Barton County removed and would be picking up Ellsworth County and part of Saline.
I have had several people that were in attendance contact me with dismay relating that that was not the impression they had of what was said.
I have filed for the position of representative of District 113 and intend to run for that position. 
The tenor of the meeting was that I would not be coming back to Barton County. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed the opportunity to represent the residents of Barton County, and that while most of the attendees at the forum could not vote for me that was not a problem for me if they needed assistance please feel free to call me. 
I want the residents of Barton County to know that I am running for re-election to the position of representative of District 113.
Bob Bethell,