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Buddy Poppy Week
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Dear Editor,
Since 1922 the “Buddy Poppy” has been a part of the Veterans of Foreign Wars programs to recognize our veterans and their families for the sacrifices and service to our country. The “Buddy Poppy” represents the blood shed by our servicemen.
The “Buddy Poppy” is assembled in our V.A. Hospitals and state Veterans Homes. The V.F.W. pays the disabled veterans for their work which provides extra income to pay for the little extra luxuries which make hospital life better.
Across the nation there will be volunteers distributing the “Buddy Poppy” and giving you an opportunity to personally contribute and thank our Veterans for their serve and sacrifices.
“VFW Buddy Poppy Week” will be Nov. 3 through Nov. 11.
Pearl White
Buddy Poppy Chairman
Great Bend