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Call your legislator
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Dear Editor,
My apologies to Thumper, or more correctly, his mother, Mrs. Rabbit, and to my mom and dad who tried to teach me the same. You know, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!
President Obama’s speech the other day wasn’t his first foray into idiocy, but it speaks volumes about him when he actually says very little. He called Washington a Circus!
Imagine that.
Has it taken him all this while in D.C. to realize this? So much for a Harvard education, but then Harvard sells lots of things.
Circus, huh?
Well, doesn’t that make you the head ring master, Mr. O?
And I find it quite fitting that your new mouthpiece in the person of White House press secretary is named, of all things, Carney!
So where ia your plan Mr. Obama?
You, the most spend thrift president in the history of our nearly bankrupt republic, must be from the Nancy Pelosi school of government — “you can read the bill after it’s passed!”
I have no idea why you would ever listen to her, because I for one would never trust a 70-something woman who’s aim in life is to apparently look like Michael Jackson.
Your party while “in charge” shirked it’s duty for years and never presented a budget. So, look where we are now. I’m with Sen. Paul who said that, “you don’t give more money to someone who can’t be trusted with money!”
And I’m also tired of listening to your Boy Scout treasury secretary. Geithner reminds me of an economics professor I had in college.
It took me two years to prove to him that banks do not create wealth.
This particular professor was also educated at Harvard and teaching at KU at the time.
Folks, this president in now trying to make you believe that he wanted to curb spending all along. Don’t be fooled like half of you were in the last presidential election.
He is a fraud on so many levels and if you want proof, just go back and listen to his campaign speeches — eloquent but lacking in any substance!
Remember his claim to preparedness for the presidency.
Community organizer!
Wow, my oh my, how wonderful!
Your’s truly was a community organizer in Wichita in 1968 for the first model cities program, you know, Community Action Program?
We passed out pamphlets and invited residents to meetings. I’ve actually never used that on a resume!
I pray that the House of Representatives passes the most cutting budget in history and when obama vetos it, that will be fine..
Make him own it! 
The world will not end Aug. 2. And the rest of the world will be better off when the United States gets its idiot government to quit spending!
Thank you, and call your congressmen and senators now!
William C. Schneider,
Great Bend