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Cast vote for Lieutenant Brian Bellendir
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Dear Editor,
The sheriff’s race on Nov. 6, offers voters the opportunity to cast their ballot for a very capable candidate, Lieutenant Brian Bellendir. Lt. Bellendir won the Republican primary in August and his name will be the only name on the ballot.
To watch the turmoil over a county sheriff race, one might wonder what is going on. The current sheriff’s office must be mired in problems with personnel, policies and procedures - all brought to light by former staff making the effort to run against him. Both primary challengers were long term staff officers, yet both emphasized the desperate need for change.
The next sheriff has a paramount duty to correct these issues, open up communication and restore public confidence in the department. Lt. Brian Bellendir has proven that he is the one trusted by the community to get the job done. He has deep respect for the office of sheriff and possesses the skills to communicate with our county commissioners, deputies in the field and, most importantly, with the public. Please join me in voting for Brian Bellendir on Nov. 6th
Tim C. Herrman
Great Bend