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Celebrate Freedom Week bill
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Dear Editor,
I applaud Gov. Sam Brownback for signing the “Celebrate Freedom Week” bill, and for including the clause stating that religious references in our founders writings shall not be censored. For many years, progressives and unelected judges have tried to erase the role that Christianity played in the founding of our country. The truth is that the principals of Christianity deeply influenced our Founding Fathers, even those who were not Christians. A Congregational minister and historian named Benjamin Franklin Morris(1810-1867) wrote “The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States” in 1864. He stated- This is a Christian nation, first in name and secondly because of the many and mighty elements of a pure Christianity which have given it character and shaped its destiny from the beginning. It is preeminently the land of the Bible, of the Christian Church, and of the Christian Sabbath.... The chief security and glory of the United States of America has been, is now, and will be forever, the prevalance and domination of the Christian Faith.
Our children and grandchildren deserve to know the truth about the founding of our country.
Diane Henry