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Chief Couchs resignation is understandable
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 Dear editor,

I need to point out some true facts, again. This time, I can also give a web address for the video taken on June 5th, at the city council meeting, for those who don’t have Facebook. Type the following into the address bar of your browser, on your computer – Then click “enter” and you will be able to watch part of the council meeting, including the wonderful presentation Chief Cliff Couch gave, about improvements for the police department. Toward the end of the video, you will also see exactly what he told the council that eventually led to his suspension! If you haven’t seen this video – you will be surprised! This video, and several others from more recent council meetings, are now on this YouTube channel, and you can watch all of them. 

I know that many of you have seen my previous letters on this subject, and if not, you can see them on the GB Tribune website, click on e-tribune, and go to dates 8-6-17, and 8-27-17. 

As I said before, I TRULY believe that the very large crowds of concerned citizens, standing up for transparency, honesty, and integrity in our local government, ARE the people who care about Great Bend! Do NOT call me or any of these others, anti-Great Bend – and don’t label my information as “countless negative, fact-less innuendos and inaccurate statements,” – I don’t care how much you paid for those ads - I’ve done my research! 

Now, here is another true fact to consider. Before city administrator, Howard Partington resigned, Cliff Couch told me that he’d been informed that if he’d just apologize to the administrator and city council – and drop his allegations of unethical conduct – (the man writing recent public forums) - would get everything smoothed over, and back to normal. Hmmm. Let’s think about that for a moment. So, he was going to HELP Couch keep his job, while Partington was still employed - but AFTER Partington resigned – a completely different attitude. Something stinks! 

Today we get the sad news that Chief Couch resigned, accepting a position in another state. Of course he had to start looking, while he was suspended and his job was on the line! He was trying to make sure the future for his family and his future career were secure – just in case those who were after his job, succeeded. Then, we have to read the constant blather that reinstating him wasn’t done correctly, etc. Of course it was – the only reason FOR the hearing, was to get him reinstated! I’m very sad that he’s leaving – but I most certainly do understand WHY he’s leaving! 

WHO do we have to blame for his resignation? The former administrator, the mayor and those council members who suspended him for speaking the TRUTH!!! Watch the videos at the link I posted above. You will see for yourself, exactly what has transpired through these last few months! You also get to watch the wonderful speech Terry Millard, former GBPD, gave at a council meeting.

Even through these months of turmoil, accusations, resignations, hurt feelings and lies ... there truly IS a silver lining. I believe we were blessed with a man who had the COURAGE to stand up and speak out against unethical behavior – even when threatened with his job – and he gave us a gift! WE the PEOPLE are now more AWAKE than EVER! We will NOT allow the secrecy to continue! It’s OUR city, and we WILL require transparency, honesty, and integrity! 

Thank you Chief Couch, may God bless you and your family!


Leslie (Halbower) Barrett 

Great Bend