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City business should be fair to all
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Dear Editor,
This is the last letter I will write on the bidding subject.
Bill, I am glad we have vehicle dealers and Venture here also and while I may have not had the figures available to me, the fact is that when the city hand delivers bid packages to Venture and not to anyone else it makes me very suspicious.
I think Venture does good work and they employ a lot of local residents and anytime they get a local bid I am glad to see it. I think the Spray family have done good for themselves and for this community. I just want to make sure we are doing everything above board.
When we get bids for cars and trucks we can not get past Marmie Motors and Marmie Ford for a bid. We can’t go to Hoisington or even to Doonan’s to get bids on vehicles because Bill and other council members said we should buy local when it concerns vehicles but they never said a word about bidding electrical or heating and air out of town.
If we bid out vehicles to several dealers and Marmie’s gets the bid, great. I want to stay local, but I want to know we are being fair to the citizens and other businesses.
Bill also never addressed the reason the city has to get out of town bids on everything but vehicles either.
Wally is still upset because he does not get all of the city fencing projects anymore like it was before I got on the city council, but has to bid on them like everyone else.
I want to make Great Bend a great place to live but I want to do it with equality, justice, and fair dealings with all of the people and businesses in the community.
All the businesses in the uptown area were forced to have trees planted in front of the buildings with one exception and that being Rosewood Gallerys and the Rosewood building at Kansas and Lakin. Is that fair? Bill never said anything about that either.
As I said before we need to bid out of town only if there is only one business offering a product  or service and keep all the bids in town if we have two or more businesses offering the product or service. Just like we only buy from one office product company when there are two in town.
My phone number is listed and I am here to serve Great Bend: 620-786-1351.
Randy Myers,
Great Bend