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Coal makes more sense
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Dear Editor,
The Tribune recently had a article about the many benefits and efficiency of wind energy as described by the federal director of that agency. No doubt it is clean energy, but the efficiency is a myth--the numbers are not even close. The director does not mention the massive tax payer subsidies needed to prop up his numbers.
A few years ago I was working on a design patent for a vertical shaft wind turbine using magnetic levitation bearings, and quickly found out the Chinese had been using them since 2006. It did increase efficiency by 25%, but still China has abandoned their wind energy development--the current technology is just not practical.
The U.S. has enough coal just in Wyoming to provide us energy for the next 200 years--doesn’t it make more sense to subsidize that technology to maximize its’ efficiency and cleanness--who knows, China might even buy that technology from us, if they can’t steal it--imagine that?
Jay Lindquist
Great Bend