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Consider candidates
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Dear Editor,
I would like the voters of  Barton County to consider voting for the following candidates.
Greg Armstrong has been a fair and hones sheriff. Greg treats everyone with respect. But Greg can be very firm when the time comes to be so. Greg has worked hard for the people of this county and deserves to be re-elected.
Nest is Gayle Cell. Gayle knows the office of treasurer very well, having worked there for 22 years. When you go in and ask a question, Gayle does not have to ask someone else to get the answer for you, Gayle knows the answer.
Pam Wornkey is one of the smartest people I know. Pam has worked with us on the cemetery board as secretary. When asked a question she usually knows the answer or will call us when she finds it. Pam is another long time employee who won’t have to be trained.
Last is Ruth Teichman. I have had some differences with Senator Teichman in the past. But Senator Teichman has always worked for the people in her district not just the Republican party. I know she has been condemned by some of our party. But I admire someone who not only stands on her principles but thinks of the people who voted her in office as Senator.
I home you will consider all of the candidates above. Please vote next Tuesday.
Aliease Dougherty
Great Bend