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Consider the real meaning of Christmas
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Dear Editor,
What is the real meaning of Christmas?
Having lived many Christmases, I’d like to ask all people reading this paper to stop and think — what is Christmas to you?
It’s supposed to be about Jesus; His birth; a Christian holiday.
What does spending money we have — or don’t have — have anything to do with Christ?
Why not take the money to help an older person rake their yard; cut a tree down they can’t afford to have done?
Run errands for the elderly or disabled. Take some poor person some food. Take somebody shopping who can’t drive. Take an elderly person on a drive to see the Christmas lights. Take somebody to a Christmas program.
Tell people the “reason for the season” is Jesus. Tell them how to accept Jesus.
Give to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
If you have the financial means, share it with those who don’t.
I’ve been blessed to know Jesus most of my life! The best gift someone can have!
I’ve known times of prosperity, some of my life.
Due to personal injuries, I’ve been very poor 32 years, yet I’m spiritually rich!
God bless you, everyone and a very Merry Christmas to you all.
Nancy Rittenhouse,