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Couch was hired to expose crooks
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Dear Editor,
I was born and raised in Great Bend. As I was growing up here I can remember my dad and granddad talking about the crooked ways Great Bend was run. They were talking as far back as the late ’30s and ’40s. The city government has not changed at all. It is still run by crooks. The other chiefs of police would let it slide for fear of losing their job.
Then the city hires Chief Couch. He is told what he can and cannot do. He finds crooked things going on in the city government, makes it known to the city council, which is the job he was hired for, to keep law and order in Great Bend. He steps on the wrong toes and is suspended from doing his job.
You members of the city council, all I can say is if you cannot stand behind your chief of police to do what is right to clean up the crooks running Great Bend, remember election time is coming up. There are too many people in Great Bend that are behind Chief Couch to let you stay in office.
God bless Chief Couch.

Robert Sanders
Great Bend