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Davis would be asset to County Commission
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Dear Editor,
Don Davis would be a fine asset to the County Commission for the people of Barton County. Don is a life time resident of Great Bend, has served his country in the armed service and raised his children here. Don is a moral, hard, working man, a long time member of Community Christian Church and cares about the impact local decisions make on the daily life ofthe citizens of Barton County. He is not a politician but a citizen that cares enough to spend time serving to do a job that is sometimes not popular because of the decisions that must be made to keep the County solvent and operating. Don’s schooling in accounting and budgeting along with common sense living that will help him understand the situations that come before the Commission of Barton County. He has the common sense to ask questions, research and study any item that comes before the Commission to understand all aspects of it before he makes a decision. Don is a fine upstanding moral person interested in serving the people. There is more to Don than meets the eye. Get to know him, talk with him. He will not disappoint you.
I have already cast my vote and I don’t mind telling you it was for Don. I strongly urge you to vote for Don Davis for County Commissioner.
John F. Smith
Great Bend