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Democratic platform
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Dear Editor,
Have you ever noticed that the Democratic platform looks like the sins listed in Romans 1:18-32 of the Holy Scriptures we know as the Bible?
The Democrats hold to the idea that there is no God, they proclaim that the heavens and the earth were not created. They work to give all ages of people total sexual freedom. They promote the idea of same sex marriage. They fight for the right to murder unborn children right up to the point of birth. They show their greed and envy in the form of taxing the rich. They are proud and boastful of their wickedness and sin. Their environmentalism has made idols of worship out of birds and animals. They dont just hold to these ideas but they condemn those who will not tolerate their philosophies and ideology. Their minds are truly darkened and confused because they deliberately choose to believe lies. No wonder the masses of this political party would boo the idea of keeping God in their platform. To force God into such a platform is actually blasphemous.
Please don’t think that the Republican platform has been established by a gathering of saints.
The only reason the Republican platform includes many of these moral issues is to draw people who hold to a godly morality to side with them.
For the most part, the majority of Republican voters lean to the right because they are more fiscally and morally conservative. It is not because they believe that the Republican platform or plan can change the direction of our nation.
The Republican Party realizes that the godly moral voters are needed to give them a chance of defeating the Democrats. They add the moral standard to their platform, not because they believe it but, because it draws power through numbers.
So, I, as a Christian who votes, am terribly disappointed by the only choice I’ve been given.
I cannot vote for a platform that is in complete opposition to my Lords teaching. So, the Democrats are out.
I also have a real struggle voting for a party that only includes the moral issues because they need the moral leaning voters to help them gain the power they so desire.
This is not a letter to discourage people from voting. As citizens of this nation it is our responsibility to vote. It is, though, a letter that expresses the heart of a voter who doesn’t see either party as the solution to our nations problems.
It’s time that we turn our hearts to the Lord, repent of our ways, and plead with Him to shed His mercy and grace upon us once again. If He doesn’t, we will soon be nothing more than stories for the history books if there is a future at all.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend