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Dogs running loose a hazard
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I would like to know why some dog owners feel it’s okay to allow their dogs to run loose in the neighborhood? They obviously don’t take into consideration that this is a safety and health hazard for their pets. Free to run out into the street making traffic have to come to a screeching halt and leaving them out to run for hours without water available during these hot summer days is dangerous. This practice is also very inconsiderate to their neighbors as their dogs are free to get into their yards to tear up their flower gardens, deposit piles of feces anywhere they wish, and bark and chase them on their own property. The neighbors should not have to endure this just because the dog owner is too inconsiderate to leash their pet or keep them in their own yard. Great Bend does have a leash law and dog owners need to abide by it for their dog’s own safety as well as respect for their neighbors.
 Barb Swayze
Great Bend