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Don't support circus with live exotic animal acts
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Dear Editor,
The Carson & Barnes Circus is coming to Great Bend. Behind the curtain of laughing clowns and glitter costumes are citations from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) going back over 30 years for failure to meet minimal federal standards for the care of animals and instances of public safely and health concerns. Most current, December 2011.
An undercover video, taken a few years ago of  the head “trainer” at Carson & Barnes using a sharp spear type spike called a bull hook and an electric prod, yelling to other “trainers” to “don’t hurt them (the elephants) make them f***ing scream.” You can hear those primal screams from the elephants as they are being tortured. They use an open flame blow torch on an elephant’s stomach.
Some cities in the U.S. have not given Carson & Barnes permits to set up.
I left information with city officials suggesting a review of information. I left a message with the local sponsor of the circus to please let me share some information with them, but they did not return my call.
However, another concerned citizen and I did receive a very disturbing two page email from the Director of Marketing of the local sponsor of the circus. It was sent to our place of employment, and our employers. I would be more than happy to share his complete letter with anyone who may be interested.
But this is not about me or other concerned citizens. It is about the Carson & Barnes circus. The Director of Marketing of the local sponsor said in his letter that the owner of the circus states that Carson & Barnes is “subjected to continual third-party inspections; far more than any zoo in the country.” Good. It is easy to understand why they are constantly monitored with the record they have.
Aligning any organization or community with a circus that has over 30 years of documented citations for animal abuse and public safety concerns is not the best way to raise funds.
The Director of Marketing of the local sponsor wrote to us, in part: “People can make their own choices of whether they want to attend the circus or not. . .They do not need you doing their thinking or decision-making for them.” (My bold letters)  He states that I have made “accusations” about the circus. He fails to understand I did not make the accusations, the Federal Government did. I simply want our community to be aware of them.
I am NOT trying to shut down the circus in Great Bend. I am concerned with the horrible reputation of the Carson & Barnes circus. Please don’t support any circus, anywhere, that has live exotic animal acts.
Kay Robinson, Hoisington