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Dr. Marshall will give strong representation
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Dear Editor,
I am writing to support Dr.Roger Marshall who is running for Congress for the Frist District of Kansas. He will be a dedicated voice for the District and for Kansas. The job of a Congressman is to be a Represenative of the State of Kansas. Dr. Roger Marshall has the passion, commitment, and the love of our state and district. He will fight for our concerns, our safety, heath care needs, and for our economic growth.
Tim Huelskamp representation for Kansas has failed us. His campaign does nothing but bash Dr. Marshall, to me that means he is desperate. We need strong Kansas representation from our Congressmen, Huelskamp is not that.
Dr.Roger Marshall will give Kansas that strong representation that we need. I feel confident that Dr. Marshall will not fail Kansas and District 1.
Vote Dr. Roger Marshall
Allene Owen
Great Bend