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Each womens vote can make a difference
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Dear Editor,
In 1920, after 75 years of personal sacrifice, struggle, ridicule, and even jail time with forced feeding, women gained the right to vote.  The long struggle finally succeeded with the determined efforts of women and men when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified.
Women have made great progress in nearly a hundred years since then. Now all qualified citizens can vote. Women continue to gain prominence in all professions, the corporate world, and occupations once unavailable to them. But as this first century of progress nears, women’s rights are being threatened again.  All women should continue to determine what is in their own best interests not what might be legislated. Comprehensive health care is critical not only for women’s health, but it affects her career choices and economic advances as well.
Ninety-two years ago a hard fought battle was won.  Use your RIGHT to participate with your VOTE.
You, like those before you, can make a difference!

Beverly Komarek
 Great Bend