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Employee goes beyond the call of duty
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Dear Editor,
Sunday morning around 11:30 a.m., I stopped at the Dillon store on 10th Street to buy a newspaper. As I was walking into the store, I saw a young Dillon employee race as fast as he could after a shopping cart that was headed toward a parked car. The wind was extremely high and the cart was moving fast. The young man caught the cart just prior to it hitting the car. I waited until he came into the store and asked him his name, Zach Tittle. I told him what he did was really beyond the call of duty and the owner of the car should be so thankful the cart had not hit his car.
I reported this to the lady at the courtesy booth. I wanted to report this to the manager, but she said the store was between managers at this time. She said she would pass along my comments to the assistant manager.
In today’s world when sometimes we think young employees might not really care about their work habits, Zack Tittle showed that he cares about his job and customers automobiles. I thought the public needed to know what I observed Sunday morning. I was very impressed with this young man and his actions.
Don Learned
Great Bend