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Everyone should show ID to vote
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Dear Editor,
I enjoyed the article in The Great Bend Tribune by Chuck Smith: “New voters may need to show ID at polls.”
While that article contained information pertinent solely to new voters to Barton County, I feel that showing proper identification by all voters makes good sense.
When I was growing-up in Rose Hill, in Butler County, near Wichita, it was then a much smaller community than it is today. One lady who was a regular election-worker lived only two houses down from me. The “elections judge” Elvin S. Cox, was a close family friend who knew me ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, too.
Nevertheless, when I turned age 18, I duly registered to vote and every time I voted, I would display my driver’s license without even being prompted. In my case, they’d tell me I didn’t need to, but I would display it anyway. Generally, it would get a chuckle, however, for me, I took the right of voting very seriously.
It is a right of qualified individuals to vote.
It is a solemn duty on the part of all election workers to ensure that only those people entitled to vote, do vote.
There have been too many cases of election fraud around the country. To tighten the reins by increased scrutiny of would-be voters requesting a ballot is fair, just, and reasonable.
I feel that displaying a proper ID should be mandatory for all voters, regardless of whether they are newcomers or old-timers, so nobody would be discriminated against; and no one would be stigmatized.
If I have to show my ID to a store clerk when writing a check out for $1.50 for a loaf of bread, I shouldn’t balk at showing that same ID to an election worker whose job is to hand out election-ballots for elections, since the outcome of elections is far more precious in terms of consequences to our liberty, our pocket books, and our over all way-of-life.
If we don’t guard the ballot box with devoted care, we are unable to guard the integrity of our government, nor the sovereignty of our nation. Proper ID should be required of all voters.
Displaying it readily and cheerfully should be a badge of honor.
James A. Marples,