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Flawed candidate may destroy Republican Party
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Dear Editor,
GOP. Grand Old Party. Sounds like it should represent integrity, compassion, and fairness. It was the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is the party of Colin Powell. These are all respected men. Yet there is nothing “Grand” about the person the GOP is going to present as their choice to lead our country.
Ronald Reagan would have been appalled to hear this person delight in ridiculing the other candidates of his party. The talk of size of hands and other body parts and the outrageous insults are just being passed off as “it’s politics.”
It is disgusting to see these people join behind him. Marco Rubio was almost groveling to join his team. One can only wonder when this name-calling, insulting, arrogant loudmouth will attack Queen Elizabeth or Mother Teresa.
This person better fits the role of carnival barker than that of a leader in the free world. The practice of “falling in line” to support such a flawed candidate may well destroy the Republican Party. After all, isn’t that how we ended up with a governor and legislature who are systematically wrecking our state?
Velma Kraft
Great Bend