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Government does not define morality
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Dear Editor,
Today’s Christian seems to be terribly bothered by the political direction of our nation. I will agree that this nation, as a whole, no longer acknowledges God and His way for our nation. But, that does not mean that our nation is totally and completely a lost cause.
The United States of America is still the freest nation in the world (that I know of) for a Christian to live.
I want to try to explain why a Christian can live in this nation, at this present time, and not worry about the government and what they are doing.
Our national government does not define morality. God, through the Scripture, has defined the standard of morality for humanity. Governments can, though, legalize behavior that exists outside the realm of God’s standard. This, though, does not make the legalized activity moral before God but legal before a nation of people.
You have probably heard the statement, “you cannot legislate morality.” I like to say that although the government cannot legislate morality they can legalize immorality.
Now, for those who are following closely, when has the government made any rule that prevents you from living morally before the Lord?
The government has made laws to allow for all kinds of immorality in our nation. But, not a single one of their laws of immorality affect the way I live morally before my Lord and God.
Just because abortion, gambling, pornographic material, alcohol, marijuana, same-sex marriage, the teaching of evolution and so on are legal, do I, the Christian, in this nation, have to take part of any of this activity?
The government has made legal the activities that they believe will benefit a person to live the life they would like to live. I have been given the right to live the life I desire to live, freely, in the nation in which I dwell.
Yes, there are people all around me that do not want to live the life I live. I do not have a problem with that. I am not going to force anyone to follow the morality of my Lord and God if they desire to live in another way. I will, though, help them to come to know my Lord and God through Jesus Christ if they are wanting out of the legalized immorality they are living in.
Always remember, legalizing an action does not make it moral, although it does make it legal and acceptable to those who desire it, it doesn’t make it right with God.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend