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Great Bend on spending rampage
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Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter in support of Randy Myers for Mayor. The City of Great Bend has been on a spending rampage.
As a tax payer I am discouraged to see Red Barn, a company bringing in low paying wages and many people from out of town to work for those low paying wages, given hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax incentives and cash.
During the first transaction in which the company moved to Great Bend and was given this large sum of cash (reports at around $500,000), the current Mayor sold his house for a high price to the same company. (More details are available at City Council Notes 2/22/2010 and County Deeds Office). In the contract for Redbarn is a clause that the company must provide a percentage of LOW PAYING jobs. Wage suppression?
Great Bend has a theater currently being built. What most don’t know is this theater was given over $300,000 in loans, cash and tax incentives. This theater was given special privileges to raise taxes on tickets and keep that profit. Great Bend will not receive profits in this theater, they are not vested. (Information taken from City Council Notes)
We need a voice of reason as a leader. This liberal tax and spend route is not the way to go. Our town has the potential and we have the hardworking people waiting for work. We just need the right leader.
Christina Reaume
Great Bend