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Greenwood County needs justice
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Dear Editor,
I was born and raised in Greenwood County and live just a short distance outside the county line today. Most of my family still lives there so I am very involved with the people and community. When the sheriff of Greenwood County, Matt Samuels, was murdered it was painful to all of us. He was not just our sheriff, he was our friend. The county has had a very difficult time healing from the tragedy. The murderer was his relative who he had tried to help on many occasions. Even though Matt had been kind to him, Scott Cheever made a plan to murder Matt. He told people he was going to do it and he did. Although we will never be the same, we still need justice and that has been hard to get as the Kansas Supreme Court thinks they know better than we do. The Kansas Supreme Court was over turned on the Cheever Case by the United States Supreme Court on a vote of 9 to 0. Even Judge Ginsburg who is quite liberal said the Kansas Court went too far. Justice Scalia said the Kansas judges were bad. I have heard how badly the Supreme Court judges treated the families of the Carr brother’s victims. I guess treating victims badly is a specialty with this court. Vote do not retain on Breier, Biles, Luckert and Nuss. On appeals vote do not retain on Leben, Pierron, Atcheson and Arnold-Burger. Greenwood County wants to get on with our healing. We miss you Matt!
Debra Weingartner