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Hobson has knowledge, experience, values
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Dear Editor,
We need to elect a strong conservative person to be our Kansas Senator in District #35. A person who will honestly work for the people of District #35 in Topeka.
We need someone who has not already made alliances from currently being elected and previously as a lobbyist working in the state government in Topeka. We need a person who will fight for policies that are pro-economic growth; pro-quality education; pro-2nd amendment; pro-life; pro-legal immigration and pro-American conservative values.
We have such a candidate to do just that and more, this person is Donald Hotison! Donald has the knowledge, experience, conservative values, understanding of govemment workings, honesty, works well with others and very good communication skills to get the job done for us. Donald Hobson is a leader and he will work hard for all the people of Senate District #35. He listens, hears and asks what the people in Senate District #35 need and want to stay competitive and have good strong growth for our state’s future.
Please join me and vote for Donald Hobson our best candidate as our next Senator for District #35.
Thank you.
Linda Paul