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HOI needs grant information
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Dear Editor,
Calling all Great Bend Businesses and Great Bend Moderate Income Households:
The city of Great Bend and Housing Opportunities, Inc. (HOI) have partnered together to submit a grant for the development of seven new Moderate Income homes, but the grant will not be submitted on Nov. 13, without your quick and specific help!  
The grant request will be for $175,000 so that seven qualified households would each receive $25,000 in down payment assistance to build a new home. The submission and ultimate success of this grant rests on hearing from employers (1) how many jobs they have created in the last two years, (2) how many jobs they expect to create in the next two years and (3) how many jobs can’t be filled due to the lack of adequate housing.
Information packets were mailed to 108 Great Bend businesses asking for their letters and their assistance in distributing the grant information to their employees. In our earlier communications we asked for those letters to be returned to us by Friday, Oct.23rd. That is four days from now. Currently we have not received any business letters, and hoped for approximately 30. We’ve asked for letters of interest from Great Bend Moderate Income households and have received three. We were hoping for at least 20.
This grant, if awarded to Great Bend, is an awesome opportunity for seven households to not only receive $25,000 in down payment assistance to build a new home with HOI but, approximately an additional $20,000 in tax rebates over a 10 year period.
Let me hear from all of the business out there that know we need more housing for your workers by answering the three questions listed above! For all the households out there that want to know if you can qualify for this program, please call me at 620-792-3299.
Let’s grab this opportunity!
Vicky L. Dayton
Executive Director
Housing Opportunities, Inc.