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Inspiring GBHS concert
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Dear Editor,
In a time when there is so much negativity and unreported good in our society, especially in the younger generation, I was so uplifted by the GBHS musical concert on Tuesday evening, Oct. 29th.
I am so thankful for a music teacher who is dedicated and caring of her students, especially instilling the spiritual values in them through many of her song choirs and also that they are allowed to sin songs of a Godly nature in our high school. Many areas of the country aren’t given that freedom or privilege.
Susan Stambaugh and her accompanist, Nancy Baxter, are to be greatly commended for all their hard work and dedication and I for one, appreciate their contribution to our young people in this community.
Also, a heads up to the students who worked hard and sang beautifully.
Shirley Degenhardt
Great Bend