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It all begins today
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Dear Editor,
I saw a slogan for a fitness center that said, “we’ll get you results.” I’m not bashing anyone here, the slogan caught my attention. But, I knew when I read the sign that this philosophy would only fly in a religious town.
See, a fitness center does not supply results. They supply the workout center. You pay the fee. You attend their place of fitness. You do the work with a bit of instruction. Then they take credit for your success.
Religion works the same way. The religion says they can get you results with God. They may supply the worship center but you must attend. You pay the fees. You do the work with a bit of their instruction. Then the religion takes credit for your success.
I sure am glad that Christ came to set me free from this religion thing.
See, in true Christianity, Jesus supplies the fee that must be paid to enter His place of worship. Jesus declares you to be right with God when you place your faith and trust in Him. Jesus then gives you a new Holy Spirit that goes to work in you to make you become like Him. Jesus then receives all glory, honor and praise because He has supplied the results.
Religion plays upon people to get them to supply all the work, sweat, effort and then says if you’ll just work a little more we’ll guarantee you better results.
Now, like most people, when it comes to working hard to get results, I can be a bit lazy. I have a tendency to put off my disciplined workouts. I sure am glad that Jesus is doing the work in me because if it depended upon me, or the religion, to get right with God, I would fall short of the goal my Trainer has established for me.
I want to give you a choice today. Trust the religion that says they can get you results or trust the Christ that pays the fee and then finishes the work for you. Choose this day which you will serve.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend