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Its time to stand up for whats right
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 Dear editor,

This past Monday’s council meeting was nothing but a kangaroo court. I do not understand how the mayor could cast the deciding vote for the four-by-four tie. He is part of the problem and should not even have been on the stage. What a joke!!! Howard Partington was a “chicken” not to even show up! Of course, I’m sure it was his health. Maybe his health is bad cause he knows his lies are catching up to him!

What Joel and Wayne should do is stand up and be men, not “ yes” men to the mayor and Partington, which both of you have been since sitting on the council! Both of you should know this is wrong! Wayne what is the deal with you being paid “compensation” from 8/4/16-8/4/17 in the amount of $17,646.90? But you are “Not” working for the city? Another what a joke! Do you think we are all stupid? I believe that partington and the mayor have maneuvered the hand book to always make it in their favor so it looks legal. They are not following the hand book on a lot of issues going on around this town. Only the ones that they made up to benefit them are being followed.

Partington’s salary is ridiculous! Last year $131,120.35 plus $5,400 for car allowance. Add another close to $5,000 to this year’s salary all for being a bully and manipulator! Partington needs to be fired, then the council can do their jobs. You represent the people not Partington! It happen at the county level and they are so much better off without their “dictator!” 

Chief Couch should be reinstated and Partington out. I heard he would leave if the city pays his salary till January. Pay him and get him out, even if he doesn’t deserve it! What the four of you are not understanding is that Chief Couch was just doing his job, something all of you hired him to do! I still believe the only way the get to the truth is to hook all three, Couch, Partington and the mayor up to lie detector machine’s to find the real truth. Then Couch could throw them in their faces! There is so much conflict of interest in this mess that it is sickening! 

I am praying for you Chief Couch and even for Joel and Wayne to do the right thing and reinstate the Chief. No reason the pray for the women cause they have always been “yes” women for the mayor and Partington. 

Becky Wornkey

Great Bend