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Join in and give blood
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Dear Editor,
Cold, dreary days and even colder nights make winter the perfect time to go into hibernation.
Many of us prefer to stay in the warmth of our own homes versus venturing out into the cold. This creates a problem for hospital patients in need of blood.
The American Red Cross urges you to donate blood this winter.
The winter months are a difficult time for blood collection.
Snow and ice often cause blood drive cancellations.
Donors are more likely to suffer from colds and the flu, making them ineligible to give blood.
Plus, people are busy with holiday planning and travel and either don’t have the time or forget to give blood.
Despite the season, the need for blood remains constant.
People still undergo surgeries, accidents still happen and cancer diagnoses are made year round.
There is no substitute for human blood.
Blood is a perishable product.
Red blood cells last only 42 days and platelets just five days.
It must be replenished constantly.
You can help meet the needs of area hospital patients by giving blood before winter weather strikes and as soon as safely possible after the storm.
Don’t let Old Man Winter keep you down, get out and do something good for yourself and your community - give blood with the Red Cross.
Locally you can donate at: Great Bend Community Blood Drive, St. Rose Auditorium, 1412 Baker Monday, from 11:30  6:30 p.m.
Corry Herrman,
blood drive coordinator,
American Red Cross,
Great Bend