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Kansas Rep. Pompeo deserves thanks for common-sense GMO effort
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Dear Editor,
As a Montgomery County farmer and president of Kansas Farm Bureau, I’m writing to thank Rep. Mike Pompeo for introducing a bill supporting farmers, American agriculture and safe, affordable food.  
I’m frustrated by the attacks against genetically modified crops and those of us who use them, which is why I want to thank Rep. Pompeo for standing up for us.
For more than a decade, many of our crops have been GMOs. They’re more drought-resistant, give higher yields and require less tilling of the earth—which leads to less soil erosion. Additionally, GMOs allow us to use fewer chemicals and herbicides, saving my family money and helping to protect the environment for my children’s future. GMOs also help support my family’s farming operation, the rural community in which we live and provide food, fuel and fiber for a growing world population.  
A state-by-state patchwork of GMO labeling could lead to an increase in grocery prices of $400 per family per year. That’s real money in our household.
Criticizing farmers for growing crops that have tremendous conservation and environmental benefits is irrational. Expecting families to pay more for foods that have repeatedly been proven safe is immoral and wrong.
Rep. Pompeo has fought for farmers and our efforts to feed the hungry in the past and will do so again in the next Congress. I’m thankful for his support.
Richard Felts
Kansas Farm Bureau President