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Kayette should find a new cause
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Dear Editor,
It’s that time again: Great Bend High School Kayettes members will be canvassing neighborhoods asking for donations for UNICEF. We’ll open our doors, see our local kids and think of impoverished children in third-world countries who need our help to obtain life-saving immunizations and vitamin-enriched rice.
And we’ll be proud to see these young women in front of us wanting to do something to help.
But I must inform and plead with you: do not give!
Why would I say such a thing? Because I am a mom.
Because I am a mom to two precious, internationally-adopted daughters.
Because I am pro-life and believe every child is created by God with certain unalienable rights.
Because I don’t want one penny more than the millions already given via our tax dollars to go to support UNICEF’s agenda. I’m all for programs (especially the non-profit, non-tax-funded types) which reach and assist those who are most vulnerable, most in need of compassion. I wish the Kayettes would trick-or-treat for some of those worthy groups!
But I have talked to the Kayettes sponsor. She’s not interested.
So what’s so bad about UNICEF? 
They deny direct involvement with abortion and promote in-country adoption, right? True! They also author and endorse documents and contribute funds to groups who explicitly promote unlimited abortion such as the UN Fund for Population Activity (UNFPA) and International Planned Parenthood and have effectively shut down international adoption in countries facing orphan crises who are desperate for UN funds.
The UNFPA has been denied funding by our congress in the past for their role in genocidal abortion and mass sterilization in China, my daughter’s origin.
The Life Issues Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio calls UNICEF’s former service to children (after World War II) a “false face” for current activity and suggests “if trick-or-treaters come to your door this year asking for money for UNICEF, kindly tell them you won’t be a part of supporting abortion.”
I’ve been saying that for years. But I’m compelled to ask you to join with me this year. If the Kayettes aren’t successful in raising money for UNICEF, or better yet, if the young women at GBHS become informed of how they are being used by UNICEF, perhaps the leadership and administration at GBHS can find an organization to support which is worthy of our Kayettes!
Selena Riddle,
Great Bend