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Library is important to community
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Dear Editor,
Do we know the future of public libraries....will they be museums for old books? I can’t predict what libraries will look like in 100 years, but I do know that our library is important to our community NOW. Here is a short list of services available......for FREE: current books, current magazines and newspapers, books from other libraries if not available locally, programs for children, teen, and adult, research genealogy, check out movies/audio tapes, and, yes, use computers? Many of these services are continuing in the temporary location.
Great Bend’s library board made the bold decision to use green technology to replace the aging heat/air conditioning by installing a geothermal system. Looking back, philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie donated millions to build libraries with the stipulation that the towns sustain them and Great Bend began as a Carnegie Library. Now is the time to maintain our infrastructure for the future. The library is open for business on 10th Street in the Blockbuster building (by AT&T) and will reopen downtown in a few months.      
Mary Ann June
Great Bend