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Local residents being made targets of crime
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Dear Editor,
You expose Great Bend residents to crime every time you publish an address that has been robbed of prescriptions, cash, and electronic equipment in the newspaper. 
However, when there is a large seizure of drugs reported, no address. 
You instead advertised a bunch of cheap rentals in the paper the following Tuesday so that infants, children, poor adults and those on social security — which by the way is not an entitlement, we have paid dearly for it all our lives and many of us are still paying — can unknowingly rent them.
What has happened to our town’s decency? 
This is something you better get on before Great Bend goes completely to the dogs. 
We already have enough slum lords in this town, because I’m told, there are no laws to help us in this town.
It’s time that changed too. 
In a conversation with the city inspector a month or so ago, when my slum lord told me to move if I wanted the toilet fixed, he told me: “He’s gonna tell me the same thing, if she doesn’t like it she can move.” 
It’s way past time to do something about it. 
By the way if I could I would join the local neighborhood watch program I would. I do however call 911 when my neighbors’ lights are out and I hear voices and noises coming from their back yard or driveway and the local police do indeed respond.
Jessie Devine,
Great Bend