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Loyalty to the Christian faith
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Dear Editor,
There is a lot of Democratic-Progressive propaganda that has been pushed through news media both on TV and internet. Some of it pertains to the worth and condition of the Christian faith in America. Often there are statements that churches are decreasing in numbers and effectiveness in our country and the world. While it may be true that overall numbers have decreased, the Church of the Living God has not diminished in its influence both in America and the world. We are still sending out missionaries all over the world, and we still boldly proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ and many would give their lives for their faith in Jesus.
The Church of Jesus Christ is alive and well and thriving in America. We significantly helped elect our new President Donald Trump by our votes, as well as our efforts to encourage people to vote, encouraging the vote for Donald Trump, and by our prayers, crying out to God to give America another chance and save us from His righteous wrath coming in judgement because of the blatent sin being popularized in our country.
The true heart of America has spoken at this perilous time in history, and our prayers have prevailed with God. Many believers in God’s active works and influence in the world, His Sovereignty over all of creation, believe that Mr. Trump was God’s choice for America today. He knows what He can accomplish with this particular man in office. And we have been told that Mr. Trump sets aside time to receive guidance and counsel from leading Christian Ministers on a semi-regular basis, and that he does have faith in God and supports Christianity in our country, which was the original faith of our founding fathers.
He also supports Judaism, recognizing Israel as a sovereign nation under God and that Jerusalem is the center of their worship. He does not approve of dividing the city and their holy places being destroyed. That is the intent of President Obama. Even now it is voiced that he still intends to send a lethal blow to Israel before he leaves office, taking away all they hold sacred. The Church must pray for Israel as never before. But God is Sovereign!
And Jerusalem is the Holy City where Jesus will one day reign over all the earth when His Kingdom of Peace is established visibly on earth. May that day be soon! Even so, Come Lord Jesus.
But there is now an evil system working through the Progressives and the New Age and the One World Order, the Global Agenda to undermine Christianity and break down the mighty fortress of our Christian Faith. They have tried every trick in the book, but have failed for the time being. Because God and His praying Saints have intervened and prevailed. There will always be a praying, prevailing church on the earth to proclaim the holiness, truth and validity of the one true Living God, our Creator. Blessed be the Lord
There are so many of us ready to stand up and speak out for the freedom of America, to speak of its loveliness and grandeur under God, His gift to us. We will proclaim the worth of our Constitution and our flag, and will not give them up to demonized progressives and hoar-mongers who wish to consume the goodness and greatness of America and replace its treasures with lower worldly values and purposes which have no lasting value.
Many of us will stand up and fight for our God, our Country and our Faith. And our voice was heard this election day to the glory of our great God.
Verdean Palmer
Great Bend